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Air Force Reservists can join Navy, Marines in uniform for Pride Parade

SAN DIEGO -- Lt. Gen. Jackson has approved Air Force Reservists to wear their service dress uniform if they choose to participate in a special military contingent leading the 39th annual San Diego Pride Parade this Saturday, June 13, according to an official at Air Force Reserve Command in Robins AFB, Georgia.

The following provisions shall be observed, according to the email:

1. Members may only participate in personal, off-duty capacity; and, members adhere to proper appearance and uniform wear standards, as well as proper conduct standards while in military uniform, before/during/after participation in the parade while in uniform;

2. No "political activity" while in uniform or conduct/speech that others may view as "officially endorsed" by DoD/USAF/AFRC;

3. Behave with dignity when in uniform, observing all military courtesies while in uniform, as is always required;

4. Since Reservists may only participate in a "personal, off-duty capacity," they DO NOT "represent the Air Force Reserve" in any official manner whatever, as a USAF or AFRC spokesperson or otherwise, but should be aware that their actions reflect upon the Department of Defense, the Air Force, and the Air Force Reserve.

Please advise your members who have requested or desire to wear their uniform while participating in the 2013 San Diego Pride Parade of these ground rules and remind them that they are accountable for their conduct while in uniform, said USAFR Col. Robert P. Palmer, director of public affairs at Air Force Reserve Command headquarters.

Air Force Reserves will join the Navy and Marines in uniform for the parade.