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TONIGHT: Hillcrest Town Council to discuss bikes at its monthly meeting

On Tuesday night, join Hillcrest Town Council as we have some great presentations from some great locals!

This month, we're talking bikes, bikes, bikes. And if you've ever been in Hillcrest, you know that many of our fellow residents use bikes to get around town. But couldn't it be done in a better way? Bike lanes, dedicated bike areas, paths, and community planning?

Hillcrest Town Council member Stacie Wissler is our representative to SANDAG, the San Diego Association of Governments, who, with the community's input, is developing plans for better biking in San Diego - and on Tuesday, Stacie will be presenting more about the plans that are being drawn up. In addition, SANDAG is hosting a workshop on Wednesday, July 11 to get even more community input. Learn more about how you can really help out at our Tuesday meeting.

Don't bike in the area? These plans still impact you: changes to the way biking is done in Hillcrest impacts parking in the area, too. Join us Tuesday and learn more.

As always, we'll also have representatives from our other local government offices. This is a great opportunity to reach out to our esteemed local elected officials! This is also our public comment time. Do you have something about the community you'd to share with the group? Now's the time to do it. You'll have the full attention of everyone, so feel free to introduce your business or yourself, your concerns about the neighborhood -- or just say hi!

Additionally, Hillcrest Town Council's Vice Chair Dave McCulloch will present a motion asking for support of HTC joining the Community Council Coalition of San Diego -- a group to help organizations like ours, that supports the objectives of town councils and similar community groups across San Diego.

Each year on the Monday at 7am following San Diego's LGBT Pride events, Hillcrest Town Council helps clean our streets to make them sparkle after the fun events of next Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Join us on Monday, July 15 at 7am at the corner of Park Blvd. and University to help really make a difference.

Hillcrest Town Council's Steering Committee is often where the magic begins. Come be a part of the team that sets the agenda for our monthly meetings, and helps make other critical decisions about where Hillcrest Town Council moves. Join us at Ortega's, A Mexican Bistro at 141 University Ave, 6:00pm on July 29, 2013.

Want to really make a difference in Hillcrest? There's no better place to do it than at Hillcrest Town Council. Whether you simply attend our meetings and speak up, or whether you serve on our Board of Directors, there's always a role for bettering our community. Want to join in? Come to our meeting on Tuesday, and learn more about how you can really make a difference.

It's always a fun night on the second Tuesday of the month with the Hillcrest Town Council. We meet at 6:30pm at the Joyce Beers Center, in the Uptown Shopping District near Trader Joe's shopping center on Vermont Street. Bring a friend -- we'll see you there!

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