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Kids love a Pride Parade

My wife and I have been living in North Park for almost 10 years now, and I’ve lost track of how many San Diego LGBT Pride Parades and other Pride Festival events we’ve attended.

We can easily walk or bike to Hillcrest so, unless we’re out of town, it’s really hot or we just don’t feel like being in a mob scene, we at least go to the Parade. Why not, right?

Now that we have kids – our twin girls just turned 4 – we are probably even more likely to go to the Parade. The only one they’ve missed so far was in 2009, when they were a month old. Not because they wouldn’t have enjoyed it, mind you. It’s just that when you have month-old twins, you rarely leave the house.

We probably didn’t even realize that Pride was happening. Or that it was July. Or that there were still grown-up people out in the world, doing fun grown-up stuff.

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