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San Diego Sqooterheads to host scooter roundup in honor of Stonewall

SAN DIEGO -- Tonight, the San Diego Sqooterheads will participate in the first Stonewall Anniversary Scooter Roundup. Up to 100 LGBT scooter riders will meet under the Hillcrest Pride Flag and cruise around the neighborhood to commemorate the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, the event that is said to spark the modern day gay civil rights movement.

Steven Shultz, founder of the Sqooterheads, is organizing the event with the help of Mo's Universe, who is lending the parking lot at Gossip Grill for the scooter line-up.

"We organized the roundup for anyone in the community to come and check out dozens of cool Vespas and other scooters … and meet LGBTQ scooterists from around the country who are in town for Amerivespa 2013 – the nation’s largest gathering of scooter riders. No need to have a scooter to have a great time at the roundup," Shultz said.

The timing worked out right for Shultz because hundreds of scooter enthusiasts are in town this weekend for the the annual "Amerivespa" event. Several of the Amerivespa participants plan to take part in tonight's Stonewall ride.

Those who wish to participate should gather in the parking lot of Gossip Grill, at the corner of University Ave. and Normal St. (under the Hillcrest Pride Flag) at 8:30 pm. The group will depart in unison and cruise around the neighborhood, making it a point to pass by Babycakes San Diego, where San Diego Remembers will be hosting a community event to commemorate the Stonewall Riots.

For more information or to participate click HERE.