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San Diego County's wedding industry preparing for a boom

SAN DIEGO -- San Diego’s hoteliers, caterers and wedding cake bakers all stand to gain from the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision on Wednesday.

County officials say they are already receiving about 500 calls per day about same-sex marriage licenses, even though the first ones won’t be issued for about 25 days.

That’s not surprising given the estimated 37,000 California same-sex couples expected to wed over the next three years, according to a think tank affiliated with UCLA Law. Coupled with an additional 48,000 out-of-state gay couples forecasted to come to California to marry, wedding-related businesses can expect to reap some $492 million in new revenues, says the Williams Institute, which focuses on LGTB legal and policy issues.

Within San Diego County, some 3,400 gay and lesbian couples are expected to marry in the next three years, said Brad Sears, the institute’s executive director.

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