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Fashionably Out: Girl, kick high in style!

It is with such great sadness that I present this piece of style news to all you ladies who fall short of this piece. Not so much because of fear of insulting many of you, but because you have been living inside this gullible bubble, where every summer, you feel like you’re the queen and Miss-Know-It-All when it comes to shoe wear.

You throw on a nice breezy blouse and your favorite pair of shorts, and somehow decide- in fact, somehow you feel like you know, that sandals are the only appropriate type of shoe wear summer invites you to partake in. Before we move forward, allow your style influencer to apologize for the softness of the wordage he used to describe this type of shoe - because the term “flip-flops” does not live in his vocabulary, “sandals” will be used to describe such horrific footwear.

While summer is approaching fast among us, allow yourself to tear the pride off your shoulders for all the imaginary successful summer fashion stories you’ve managed to gain- and take into consideration some of your style influencer’s favorite summer footwear that will take you from Daisy Duke Gone Wrong to a true Cinderella story.

The first shoe, Aldo’s Pavlasova Heel, fits perfectly with this summer’s color wheel. With a reptile print, this shoe brings out an edginess and adventurous addition to one’s personal look. The gold buckle gives accent to the heel, adding a bit of sophistication to the shoe. And before you look away in disdain because of the height of the heel, this shoe should be for evening affairs, paired with dark fitted jeans and a nice spaghetti strap blouse.

If you’re more of a closed-toe wearer for summer, I commence you for not going down the “sandal” hot mess express. Secondly, it might also mean you’re not comfortable in summer footwear- and I don’t blame you, honey! Allow me to comfort you with Tory Burch’s Amanda Wedge, which provides a soft cushion (just like your shoes do), and only reveal enough skin to let people know you too know how to do summer right! This shoe is perfect for daywear and evening, you can keep them all day on paired with shorts, a nice printed dress, or cropped and tailored pants!

And lastly, for all you revolutionary women who live for simplicity and that “short hair don’t care” motto, behold, the Rachel Zoe Gladys Flat! This super chic and detailed shoe will make all the other girls at the mall wearing “sandals” look at you with pure envy with a hint of personal insecurity. As seen here on Halle Berry, this flat is perfect for your everyday casual wear- regardless on what’s on your agenda.

Now, don’t you just want to take your “sandals” off right now and throw them out the nearest window? Don’t worry, I’m sure yours won’t be the only pair thrown out.

Christian Baez is a style influencer, born and raised in San Diego. His specialties include fashion writing, personal styling, and promoting emerging fashion businesses. For business inquiries, he can be reached at Mrchristianbaez@gmail.com or via Twitter @mrchristianbaez.