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Active duty servicemembers invited to join San Diego Pride Parade

SAN DIEGO - For the third year in a row, San Diego LGBT Pride invites active duty and veteran servicemembers to participate in a special military contingent leading the 39th annual Pride Parade on Saturday, July 13, which starts at 11 am.

San Diego Pride made in history in 2011 by hosting the first active duty military contingent in a Pride parade in the United States while “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was still in effect. In 2012, San Diego Pride achieved another milestone by getting approval from the Department of Defense for active duty servicemembers to wear their uniforms in that year’s parade. San Diego Gay & Lesbian News broke the story last year, and the coverage caught the attention of Washington and the Pentagon.

Pride welcomes members of the armed forces - active duty and veterans - as well as their loved ones and family to lead the annual pride parade as part of the military contingent.

“The promise of America grounded in the Constitution, contained in our Pledge of Allegiance, inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, and enunciated by generations of our nation’s leaders is that America stands for liberty, for justice, and equality for all. It is an honor to continue the tradition of reflecting those values in our 39th annual event,” said Fernando Lopez, San Diego LGBT Pride public affairs director.

Participants in the military contingent are highly encouraged to wear their uniforms; however, San Diego Pride reminds them that they must seek out and receive approval from their commanding officers in order to do so. If approval is not granted or if individual participants wish to wear attire other than their uniform, servicemembers are asked to wear a branch-specific T-shirt.

To participate in the contingent, visit HERE and fill out the short registration form. Additional information about the contingent will be sent out to participants after they register.

Further, an information session will be held for military contingent participants who are 21 and older on Thursday, July 11 from 6-7 pm at Bourbon Street Bar & Grill, 4612 Park Blvd., in University Heights.

Additional information about the military contingent is online.