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Mr. Gay Canada is not just a pretty face

Danny Papadatos has always been a performer. From theater in elementary school through plays and drama all through high school, he's delighted in entertaining. And now, as the most recent recipient of the title of Mr. Gay Canada, he has the chance to combine entertainment and education.

Papadatos won the title in a national competition held last February, and he will be representing Canada in the Mr. Gay World competition in Belgium this August during the World Outgames.

Coming out was a difficult journey for Papadatos, and he attributes much of his current strength to his early struggles.

"It was hard growing up in Saskatchewan. When I was younger, all the way into high school, being gay wasn't an option. I come from a very traditional household and the very mention of the word 'gay' was always with a negative connotation. I came out at 19 and it was difficult-I always wonder, when people suggest being gay is a choice, why they think someone would take the harder choice," Papadatos said.

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