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LA Pride 2013: Biggest, most diverse ever

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- With 130 entrants in West Hollywood’s LA Gay Pride Parade 2013 flowing down the city’s main drag, we were hard put to photograph all of them and even harder put to choose from the hundreds of shots we took of the (long) day.

It was a joyous occasion that showed the LGBT community in all its diversity, the actuality far different than the critics who slammed the parade and festival before it even happened as an "outdated, adolescent mess.”

In that piece journalist Patrick Range McDonald, writing for the LA Weekly, posed a set of questions last week – “Are we celebrating some kind of pre-AIDS, 1970s version of the gay experience? When sexual liberation in gay culture was just as important -- and justifiably so -- as equality? Are we coming off passé and immature by still celebrating our gay heritage as if we're a bunch of horny, drunk 19-year-olds who came out of the closet a few weekends ago?

“The short answer to those questions is an unqualified yes …”

Except that of the 130 parade entrants, fewer than one dozen were trucks full of mostly naked men grinding to a dance beet. Floats and entrants of faith groups, parenting groups, adoption groups, rights groups from all areas of the gay community (marriage, military, Boy Scouts just to name a few) abounded.

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