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Voice of San Diego offering a $5,000 grant for compelling community project idea

SAN DIEGO -- As part of an ambitious plan for the upcoming third annual “Politifest” festival, Voice of San Diego, a member-based, investigative news organization, recently announced a $5,000 grant for the winning submission to this year’s Idea Tournament, generously provided by the Malin Burnham Center for Civic Engagement.

Keeping with Politifest’s broader theme –“A Celebration of the Neighborhoods” – this year’s Idea Tournament is focusing on proposals for neighborhood improvement projects submitted by local community groups. If your community is trying to get a project off the ground, you can submit a proposal online at Politifest.org.

“We’re excited to help community groups come together to turn one of their projects into a reality,” said Mary Walter-Brown, Voice of San Diego Vice President. “We’re already hearing some great ideas, ranging from a reading enrichment program for local youth to funding an outdoor kitchen at a community garden.”

Proposals are due by June 30 and will be displayed on Politifest.org by July 6. People who subscribe to Voice of San Diego will have the opportunity to vote for the top five organizations. Those finalists will present their ideas to a panel of judges at Politifest. The winner will receive the $5,000 grant from the Malin Burnham Center for Civic Engagement to implement the plan within a year. To sign up for Voice of San Diego, visit voiceofsandiego.org.

Politifest will take place on Saturday August 3 from 10 am to 2 pm in the Central Promenade at NTC Liberty Station in Point Loma and will feature a diverse array of communities and family-friendly programming focused on celebrating San Diego’s vibrancy.

More details about Politifest and the Idea Tournament can be found HERE.