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TODAY: First-ever lunch to honor civil rights leaders Harvey Milk and José Sarria planned

SAN DIEGO -- Following this morning's fifth annual Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast, which attracted over 1,000 movers and shakers, a pair of community organizations are organizing a casual lunch to honor Milk, along with José Sarria, both considered to be iconic LGBT heroes.

The San Diego Multicultural LGBT Literary Foundation and the San Diego Sqooterheads invite the community to join them in Balboa Park from 12:30-2 pm this afternoon for the pot-luck style picnic to commemorate the activism of Milk and Sarria.

Organizers wrote the following on a Facebook event invite:

We will gather at the rectangular lawn just south of the Casa del Prado Theatre, along Village Place between the Casa del Prado Patio B and the side of the Natural History Museum. The lawn is a short walk from the sunken Zoro Butterlfy Garden, where a little-known memorial to Harvey Milk is located. See this map for both spots: http://goo.gl/maps/rYy37

This is an extremely community-oriented event where we will collectively remember these two icons. If you would like to say a few words, we encourage you to do so. There will be no "speakers" - rather, we want anyone who wants to speak and share to do just that.

We just learned that the Harvey Milk Foundation has gotten word of this event and is sending emissaries to stop by and say hello -- including Allan Spyere, California Director of the Harvey Milk Foundation; and Nicole Murray Ramirez, Chair of the Harvey Milk Day International Steering Committee!

Please join us on your lunch break and help us make this a continuing tradition in San Diego.

The idea for the lunch came after organizers Caleb Rainey and Steven Shultz put together a grassroots "Toast to Harvey Milk" on Wednesday night - the day of Milk's actual birthday. Two dozen community members participated in the event, which included a commemorative walk down Harvey Milk Street in Hillcrest and a toast at the Hillcrest Brewing Company, known as the world's first gay microbrewery.

Word of Rainey and Shultz's planning quickly spread to community leaders, who got the Toast and today's lunch the endorsement of the Harvey Milk Foundation. At this morning's breakfast, Murray-Ramirez made mention of today's lunch and invited attendees.

More information and details about the location of the lunch are HERE.