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SAN DIEGO -- Five Star Tours has the best way to experience San Diego's bustling brewery scene and nearby vineyards with its San Diego Brewery and Winery Tours & Events services. The family-owned company offers tours and transportation services and has done so for over 40 years.

The company operates a number of different types of tours, with the brewery and winery tours being their most popular:

San Diego Brewery Tours & Events

The company's brewery tours service is the expert choice for brewery tours of San Diego and Baja regions. The company started these tours in 2009, but they've been in business since 1972 as Five Star Tours. The tour focus is to have all participants enjoy and learn about local microbreweries in a safe and fun way. All tours are operated to the utmost care with all the details taken into consideration including transportation, beer tasting, behind the scenes tours, tour guides and much more.

Regular public tours our scheduled, including a walking tour of Downtown San Diego breweries every Friday, Saturday and Sunday; a San Diego Craft Brewery Tour every Friday, Saturday and Sunday; and the California Sunset Brew Tour every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

The tours include tastings, transportation, food and fun!

More information is HERE.

San Diego Winery Tours & Events

Five Star Tours invites you to join their wine tasting entourage to visit the Southern California Wine Country, which is located about 45 minutes away from San Diego. The visit begins in Temecula, a town best known for its wine country and romantic Old Town. Participants will visit three wineries and do a behind the scenes tour at one them. All tours include three to four tastings at each winery and a sit down luncheon. There will be a chance to soak up the sun and have a Port Wine Challenge for you and guest to enjoy on this tour.

Public winery tours are held every Saturday and Sunday, and include tastings, food, transportation and fun.

Tickets, dates and more information is HERE.

Private Tours

A number of different private group tours are available and are great ways for groups of friends, co-workers, or others to get together and have an enjoyable time together. Information about Private Brewery Tours is HERE. Information about Private Winery Tours is HERE.

Alfonso Hernandez, the Tour Innovator for Five Star Tours, says that his company is unique because the staff is committed to making sure that all guests have the best time of their life.

"We create unique experiences," Hernandez told SDGLN.

Five Star Tours is a family-owned business with deep roots in San Diego. The owners and staff know the region, know their clients, and know how to treat customers to a good time.

Besides the brewery and winery tours, Five Star Tours has a number of other group tours, including service to Los Angeles/Hollywood, Santa Barbara and San Francisco.

The company customizes every single tour for the specific group and is perfect for any occasion. Call them today or visit their website to learn more or make a reservation.

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