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Hillcrest Business Association unveils plans for LGBT historical monument

SAN DIEGO -- Several dozen community members gathered at The San Diego LGBT Community Center Thursday evening to hear the Hillcrest Business Association's (HBA) plans for the base of the Hillcrest Pride Flag.

The flag pole, which was installed last July, has swiftly become an important community landmark and HBA sought community input at the meeting as it begins work on Phase 2 of the project, which will include a LGBT historical monument at the base of the pole.

The monument will focus on four periods of the LGBT community's history in Hillcrest, starting with the time before the neighborhood was considered an LGBT hub, the area's transformation, the challenging struggles with HIV/AIDS and civil rights in the 1980s and 1990s, and the community as it is today.

Participants were asked to review drafts of the four sides of the monument and share notes about anything they thought was missing that should be focused on. The historical displays were created by Lisa Weir of HBA and Kelly Revak of the Lambda Archives.

HBA hopes to have the monument installed by San Diego Pride weekend, July 7-9, and are seeking financial support from the community to make the project a reality.

A handout that was distributed at the meeting invites community members to "be a part of history:"

"It has never been easier to leave your mark. Almost one year ago, the Hillcrest Pride Flag made its debut as a community landmark and symbol of equality. This year, we will enhance the monument and surrounding area with etched tiles to create a small, urban park that will recognize champions of equality and LGBT rights."

A number of different sponsorship levels are available, ranging from $100 to $5,000.

For more information or to support the project, contact HBA HERE or by calling 619-299-3330.