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Fashionably Out: Anne Hathaway’s fashion dream

If you’ve been following any of my Social Media, you probably know that my love for Anne Hathaway is an everlasting kind of love. Only the most tender, unconditional, and yes, quite overly obsessive.

It’s a kind of affection that can break friendships if one were to ever dare speak foolishly of her in front of your fashion guru. So before we see some Catwoman moves around here, let’s highlight the things that make this world go around in sweet harmony, shall we?

First on the list: Annie’s fashion transformation - all of which skyrocketed during press release for “Les Miserables.” From beautiful locks to a pixie cut, this woman is genuinely versatile, it can make any of us, well, a bit envious if you catch my drift.

When the media first introduced us to Annie, we were attacked by soft, vulnerable and princess-like Red Carpet moments that gave us nothing but ah’s and eh’s. It was obvious that the actress wanted to stay inside her shell and avoid any sort of controversy about her fashion statements. But as soon as the locks were thrown out, the lovely lady was left with a couple of inches to spare her life with - and what we got, darlings, was a new woman.

A fierce woman.

Look No. 1: A Chanel Couture dress Annie wore to the 63rd Berlinale International Film Festival this year. The dark blue really brings out the smoothness of her complexion, and the details of the dress gives her a bit of a modern Old Victorian look. And interestingly enough, the short dress with the train is really working for her, here!

Look No. 2: Sometimes, actors like to think outside the box when attending a Red Carpet affair - especially if they’re nominated for any sort of award. It’s an opportunity to show the world how bad you want it. And Anne did exactly that in this Tom Ford dress (gay gasp at that cape). Though this look would have looked much better on an editorial due to the fact that it looks more of a costume than an actual outfit, the actress sure went for it and werq’d it with attitude!

Look No. 3: Because there is nothing better than a sparkly dress, this Gucci number delivers a fun 1960s vibe to it! Such a youthful dress and flirty dress, Annie could not have brought this dress to life a year ago. It’s a dress that works perfectly with short hair - though maybe some tousled here and there would have made it look major.

Look No. 4: In honor of this week’s Met Gala, this vintage Valentino Couture gown is what placed our Annie at the top of the best dressed that evening! Because a whole look doesn’t just mean slipping under a dress, the lady opted for a platinum blonde hairdo to SHUT HER LOOK DOWN! Those beady eyes are the only sign that give Annie away, because everything else is a complete transformation.

May this serve you as inspiration to carry on your duty as a fashion baby, to have fun with whatever phase you are going through. Anything from a new hairdo to a new bag can serve as motivation to play with your current personal style and take it to a whole new direction!

So go forth, darlings. Pick a dream - any dream - and don’t just sing it. Live it out.

Christian Baez is a style influencer, born and raised in San Diego. His specialties include fashion writing, personal styling, and promoting emerging fashion businesses. For business inquiries, he can be reached at Mrchristianbaez@gmail.com or via Twitter @mrchristianbaez.