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San Diego Democrats for Equality plan for club transformation

SAN DIEGO -- As it continues to plan for its future organizational structure, the San Diego Democrats for Equality received a final report from Alberto Cortés, the strategic planning consultant who was engaged to facilitate the process.

Cortés' report is HERE.

After discussion, the club's board of directors determined that further planning is needed to build upon and act upon the report's recommendations. Accordingly, the Board established a Transformation Task Force that will develop a "game plan" to be presented to the membership at the September meeting.

Club members who wish the participate in the task force, should express interest in participating by contacting one of the two co-facilitators: Vanessa Cosio at Vanessa.Cosio@gmail.com or Tony Winney at TWinney@gmail.com by May 10.

The club's executive board also decided that a Transitional Board consisting of six elected officers will oversee the club until a new governance structure is determined. The Transitional Board will be elected at the May 2013 meeting and will serve until new officers are elected in January 2014 and installed in February 2014. During the interim period, the club will streamline operations while maintaining essential and important activities.

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