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Fashionably Out: Great Gatsby! Roaring your way through life!

If there is an era that your social influencer would love to have lived in, the Roaring Twenties would fit just right! That’s when the economy took an extraordinary increase in profit and everyone (well, mostly everyone) embellished themselves in extravagant dress wear and threw glamorous parties simply because they could.

Oh, what a fancy time in life that must have been! Men in tailored tuxedos and women in sleek fringe dresses adorned with bejeweled headbands and bobbed hair … SO MAJOR!!

And in honor of this spectacular era, we will be tailoring through this summer’s much anticipated film, “The Great Gatsby,” and coming to terms as to why the fashion in this film should be the only conversation you should be having with your friends over brunch- and maybe adding a bit of the ‘20s into your summer wardrobe.

Athough fringe dresses and tuxedos might be out of the question and not your favorite jazz, the accessories that emerged during this era are making their way back -- and can be easily incorporated into your every day life.

Costume designer Catherine Martin collaborated with Miuccia Prada to put together more than 40 looks for the movie, including the extravagant chandelier frock actress Carey Mulligan is seen in during her big encounter with Gatsby. Yes, the dress is something any of us would wear to our next high school reunion, but what really makes that whole outfit stand out is the Tiffany’s diamond-feathered headpiece the actress gracefully wears.

Headpieces were essential in the ‘20s, along with pearl necklaces and lace anything! So women, try adding some fun sophistication the next time you’re thinking about buying accessories! For those who can afford it, Rachel Zoe’s fall collection is all based on this era -- from tassel necklaces to ruby earrings. For a more approachable price, try Kate Spade or Zara! A simple shirt with some nice jeans can be altered by adding a cute pearl necklace or foulard around your head!

Double-breasted cardigans, ties, bowties and scarves were really popular in the men’s department during the ‘20s, elevating the way men carried themselves. And though summer is itching its way toward us, all of these elements are summer friendly for you gents to play with! The trick here is to clear your mind of what summer should consist of, and bring your game up a notch, revealing class and a sexy appeal.

Try adding a lightweight cardigan with your shorts (that fall above the knee, of course), and lock it all down with some Oxford or boat shoes! A personal favorite is adding a bit of flair to any evening look, whether it be a brooch or a nice printed scarf.

Because we don’t want to relive the Great Depression that came after the Roaring Twenties, don’t steal an entire look and call it a day. Simply pull the fun accessories that era had and modernize them with your own personal style!

As for your fashion guru who loves all things fancy, you can count on him drinking a glass of dry champagne as he manifests some ‘20’s inspired accessories to complete his look!

Christian Baez is a style influencer, born and raised in San Diego. His specialties include fashion writing, personal styling, and promoting emerging fashion businesses. For business inquiries, he can be reached at Mrchristianbaez@gmail.com or via Twitter @mrchristianbaez.

Photo captions

Top left: A lace cardigan brings that 1920s feel for any girl.

Bottom left: Christian Baez opts for a foulard for a classier look.