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BUSINESS PROFILE: Whole Dog Sports Center provides healthy activity space for dogs and their owners

Most dog owners consider their pets to be like a member of the family. So much so that many pet owners go to great lengths to take care of the health and well-being of their four-legged best friends. Although there are numerous doggie day cares, pet spas, boutiques and other businesses that cater to the needs of pets, Whole Dog Sports Center in Carlsbad is a unique facility that provides “fun for you and your dog.”

Whole Dog Sports Center is dedicated to providing a venue for a unique, health-enhancing experience for dogs and their owners. According to owner and head trainer Lyssa Noble-Dennis, participating in activities together that foster teamwork, fitness, fun and companionship will strengthen the bond between dog and owner that will last a lifetime.

Recently, Whole Dog Sports Center was voted “Best” Canine Trainer in North County by San Diego Magazine, a nod to the Noble-Dennis and her staff’s expertise and dedication. A party will be held Friday evening to recognize Whole Dog Sports Center and other honorees (Whole Dog Sports Center will have a booth at the event and they'd love to meet you! Check out details below.)

Visiting the facility, at first glance, one might think that service is just for those who are professionally training their pets to participate in dog shows and competitions. Noble-Dennis said that there are certainly a number of owners who train their dogs for sport at the state-of-the-art facility, but that a great portion of her client base are average pet owners who want to train their pets, give them a space to exercise, and find an alternative to dog parks or other shared outdoor spaces – plus there are never class cancellations because of inclement weather.

San Diego County is known for its year-round fantastic weather, but those who have been in the area for any amount of time know that the weather is not perfect. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it’s cold, and in the winter months the sun sets before many people are even off from work. Whole Dog Sports Center is the perfect alternative – year-round – for dog owners and their pets to spend quality time together.

Services and classes offered

Whole Dog Sports Center offers a number of classes and services for pet owners and their furry friends. The facility offers obedience training, agility sports, and special classes. Noble-Dennis, who has worked with dogs for most of her life, said that many of the classes aim to help dogs be more well behaved, which helps the entire family.

“Dogs do have a psyche, and can have anxiety among other things,” Noble-Dennis said.

Obedience classes include:

- Puppy Preschool

- AKC Star Puppy Class

- Modern Manners for the Modern Dog Level 1

- Canine Good Citizen

- Rally Obedience

- Urban Dog

Course descriptions are HERE.

Agility sports courses include:

- Agility Level 2

- Agility Level 3

- Advanced Agility

- World Class Weaves

- Puppy Agility and Confidence Class

More information about these courses is HERE.

Specialty classes include:

- Conformation Handling

- Clicks and Tricks

- Tricks of the Trade

- Nose Work

- Therapy Dog

More about these classes is HERE.

Expert training

Noble-Dennis leads an experienced staff and team of trainers who provide friendly, high-quality instruction for pets and their owners.

Since opening her first dog training business in 1989 – “Correct-A-Pet” – Noble-Dennis has grown her client list and experience to open the 6,000 sq. ft. Whole Dog Sports Center in Jan. 2012. Noble-Dennis has had a loyal clientele that has followed her throughout her endeavors, so it was not hard to find clients when she transitioned from teaching courses from her home property in Carlsbad to the current facility.

While studying at San Francisco State University, Noble-Dennis worked at the SF-SPCA evaluating shelter dogs for placement, and responded to calls from owners contacting the National Animal Behavior Hotline. Following that, she was an Animal Behaviorist at UCLA’S Neuropsychiatric Institute, researching primate behavior with vervet monkeys, and working alongside some of the world’s leading psychiatrists and anthropoligists.

Since then, Noble-Dennis has operated her dog training businesses, and shows her own dogs at the highest American Kennel Club levels, winning top awards with breeds that are not usually seen in performance events.

Noble-Dennis’ staff includes other trainers who have high credentials and lots of experience working with dogs and their owners. Read more about her highly-qualified staff HERE.

The facility

Whole Dog Sports Center’s facility is quite impressive, located in an industrial park off of Palomar Airport Road in Carlsbad. Clients enter into a spacious and comfortable lobby area and are greeted by an incredibly friendly staff. Passing by a few offices and staff areas along the way, clients and their pets end up in the 6,000-square-foot sport room, which is one of the few facilities of its size in the United States.

The room has regulation steel-based agility equipment, including A-Frames, tunnels, jumps and weave poles for dogs of all sizes. There is also an area set aside for puppies for socialization and training, and a waiting area for clients, friends, and family members who want to watch the fun.

Noble-Dennis says the facility is designed to be just as fun for human clients as it is for the pets. Many pet owners, she says, want to have a place where they can connect and hang out with other pet owners and Whole Dog Sports Center provides that.

The facility is clean, well-organized, inviting and fun.

More information

Information about classes, facilities and services is available HERE.

Whole Dog Sports Center is located at 6241 Yarrow Drive in Carlsbad. Call 760-931-2600.

San Diego Magazine's Best of North County Party

Whole Dog Sports Center will be honored Friday night by San Diego Magazine as the "Best" Canine Trainer in North County. The party will be held at the Park Hyatt Aviara in Carlsbad.

The event will include special appearances by the region’s top chefs, wine and food tastings from leading dining destinations and unexpected entertainment elements make for an unforgettable evening. The event supports Fresh Start Surgical Gifts.

Whole Dog Sports Center will have a booth at the event, and the company's staff and trainers would love to meet you at the party!

Tickets and more information are available HERE.