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LIVE blog from 24th annual GLAAD Media Awards

Editor's note: SDGLN Staff Writer Ben Cartwright is attending the 24th annual GLAAD Media Awards at the JW Marriott in Los Angeles tonight with other members of the Hale Media staff. Cartwright will provide live updates from the event throughout the night. Keep checking back to find out what's happening at this star-studded awards ceremony!

It's begun!

We are at the red carpet arrivals area within the pre-event VIP reception. It is a media scene with dozens of reporters and photographers snapping photos and hollering out questions. Anticipation is high as media and guests await the high profile arrivals. I'll let you know who's here as they arrive.

Thomas Roberts

MSNBC's Thomas Roberts is in front of me on the red carpet now. I got to meet him at the CESCaL conference in San Diego in February. He's dreamy.

So much going on

They are flashing the lights in the VIP room signalling the need to move to the dinner room. Still on the very long red carpet area I see Ross Matthews, Alex Newell from Glee, and Andrew Ranells from The New Normal.

Ted Danson and Kirsten Dunst have walked in

The papparrazzi style media that are here are going wild!

Darren Criss from Glee on the red carpet

He was whisked away almost as fast as he arrived. He's performing later on. Fan girls swoon.

Heading up to my table now!

Program is beginning!

We are at table 5 of 136! Not bad placement. We are being shown video clips of notable LGBT news, people and events over the last year. I'll post any surprises as they happen. Cher showed up last year ... how will they top that?

Hello Drew Barrymore!

She is tonight's MC. She's excited to intro Bill Clinton later. Says he's her hero. Barrymore says starting a family one day is a goal of hers and no one should be stopped from doing the same. "Let's do this and move forward. It is time."

Matt Bomer

He's kicking off the awards presentations. Gave props to Clinton for his global initiatives .... we'll see him later. I'll also post the list of award winners later.


Elle Fanning and Alex Newell give shout out to the youth that GLAAD has invited to tonight's event. Youth present are from LA County high schools and Arizona State University.


I don't have much time to Tweet tonight but follow #glaadawards on Twitter to see what others are saying.

Wilson Cruz

Wilson Cruz who inspired me and thousands of other 1990s youth on "My So Called Life" is now GLAADs national spokesperson. They showed a great flashback video clip of him from GLAAD Awards 1995. Age has treated him VERY well.

Internet troubles

Well I'm having trouble getting online so follow @SDGLN on Twitter for updates. I'll Tweet from my phone. :-)