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Fashionably Out: Bringing “skinny” back to ties

You know those pair of jeans you’ve held on to for quite a while now because you keep telling yourself you’ll fit back into them soon? Well, darling, my advice to you is to keep telling yourself that until you gain that motivation and fit back into them!

In the meantime, there are a couple of other things in your closet you’ve kept aside simply because they’re cute or bring back nice memories - but don’t seem to fit into your personal style anymore.

Allow me to introduce you to SKINNYFATTIES, a Brooklyn, N.Y. company that reshapes fat ties into skinny ones! Pretty simple concept, right!?

But don’t let your style influencer tell you all about this amazing company! Read below to learn about what the handsomely gay founder and designer of this company, Joshua Brueckner, has to say about it!


Joshua: Over the summer I got laid off and I didn’t have any clothes to wear to interviews, so I started tailoring my own. I started tailoring my button-up shirts, then started tailoring my own ties. I couldn’t really afford new clothes, you know, so I just took what I had and tried and make it a little bit better.

Christian: I like that, because a lot of people think they need to shop when they’re going on a date, have a job interview, when sometimes you have the things you need in your closet - you just need to edit them a bit!

Joshua: Yeah! It was actually a huge adrenaline rush, being able to tailor my own clothes, especially ties because I really liked the ties and I liked the patterns, but they were just a little too wide.

Christian: And ties are very playful! Through the years, guys have discovered different ways to incorporate ties into their personal style - casual, formal, ties are a fun accessory to add to your outfit!

Joshua: You can add a pop of color or you can have a black tie! It doesn’t matter; a tie is cool. You can quote me on that! (laughs)

Christian: I will quote you on that! And hashtag you! (laughs). So tell me a little bit more about some of the collaborations you’re part of.

Joshua: Sure! From every tie that we tailor, we take $1 and donate it to Career Gear, an organization that provides job interview training and professional mentorship to low-income men who are trying to get their life back in order. It’s kind of been a full circle, because I was in the same spot a year ago. And they actually have people come in and help these men dress up, teach them how to be employees, which is really empowering.

Christian: As a fashion-aware man yourself, what do you want men out there to embody in their personal style?

Joshua: I guess to express yourself, you know? To just be who you are, which is where SKINNYFATTIES comes into place! I see a lot of creative people that like this kind of service. There’s some really cool ties out there with really cool patterns, but the width is just a little bit too large. I see a guy that likes what they have and wants to spend a little bit of money to make what they have wearable again! I think it’s open to all kinds of guys out there - gay or straight!

Christian: I like that! It reaches out to a wide demographic - and like you said, anyone who has a tie that they want to hold on to but can’t wear because the width is outdated, can use SKINNYFATTIES. Now last question, is it pronounced “Skinny Fat Ties” or “Skinny Fatties”?

Joshua: Um, well, I always thought it was funny that it could also be read as “Skinny Fatties,” but you know, (laughs), for press - and you take note of this, I always capitalize the entire word and merge all of the words together. So I have no preference of what people call it! I think it’s really funny when people say “Skinny Fatties,” but I call it “Skinny Fat Ties” - but you can call it whatever you want!

More on the tie company

SKINNYFATTIES prides themselves in that everything is hand-stitched and aims to get your newly tailored ties back in your hands within two weeks of receiving. There is also free shipping worldwide, eliminating any excuse as to why international readers can’t rock tailored ties!

Joshua has also agreed to offer a 10% discount on every tie you get tailored, now until May 15. Simply enter “SDGLN” under the discount code after check-out, and you’re good to go!

So darlings, whether you personally own ties or have a boyfriend, partner, husband or sugar daddy that has one, bring back their stylish side by tailoring one (or five) of their ties!

Christian Baez is an aspiring stylist, born and raised in San Diego. For business inquiries, he can be reached at Christiankid90@gmail.com or via Twitter @mrchristianbaez.

Trust me, you’ll want to jump on this fashion bandwagon now before it’s too late - like those pair of jeans that might never fit again.

Click HERE to visit skinnyfatties.com.