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HBA Beautification Committee seeks public input

(This post originally appeared HERE in San Diego Uptown News.)

Hillcrest Business Association Executive Director Benjamin Nicholls and the organization’s Beautification Committee are organizing a community walkabout, in part to gain feedback from residents and business owners on potential projects for the committee.

The walkabout will take place Thursday, April 18 at 5 pm.

Discussed in a recent committee meeting, Nicholls said the group will be walking the neighborhood to take notes on projects the group could oversee in the future. The HBA will supply clipboards and maps, and Nicholls is asking interested individuals to contact him for more information.

“I want people to feel as though they can get involved ahead of time,” he said.

The group will meet at the intersection of Fifth and Robinson avenues, and will walk the western area of Hillcrest before taking a shuttle to the eastern area for a similar walk. Organizers said they hope to finish by 6:30 pm. Contact the HBA at 619-299-3330.