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Fashionably Out: Go “Zoe” yourself

We all allow different things to come out of our mouths, whether it be in private or out in public. Sometimes people blurt things out without understanding the meaning of them. And honestly, that’s pretty embarrassing. And not very chic.

Think about some of the words you use to describe certain situations, people, or even someone’s choice of style. There are many words out there, but only a couple that will truly make an impact - and want to make people add them to their daily vocabulary!

Celebrity stylist and emerging fashion designer Rachel Zoe knows how to do this right. As seen on Bravo TV’s “The Rachel Zoe Project,” a show that documents the successes, dilemmas and, most importantly, the fashion drama that occurs in the life of Zoe, this powerhouse of a woman has been quoted within the fashion industry for some of the ways she expresses things.

Here are a couple of her most popular words and quotes that you too can incorporate into your vocabulary to accessorize things up!

Major: A word that describes the intensity and how amazing something is. For example, “those floral prints on your dress are major this season!” If you’re feeling brave enough, you can modify it by saying “maj” instead!

Everything: Used to express a situation, event or piece of clothing that was simply show-stopping, making one believe that there is nothing better or worthwhile out there. For example, “Did you see the Christian Dior dress Charlize Theron wore for The Oscars this year?! It was everything this year!”

Bananas: Something crazy, out of the ordinary. For example, “The mall was bananas last Sunday! I think I’ll start doing all of my shopping online. Or just have my personal assistant shop for me.”

I Die: A combination of “major” and “everything” - so you know this is a pretty big deal. Use it when you’re trying something on, and everything about your look is simply stunning and picture perfect! Take a beat, vocalize a gay gasp, and say, “I die!”

Chanel: Rachel is very big on Chanel. In fact, she is so big, she says she will not be happy until Karl Lagerfeld approves of Rachel’s clothing line. So go ahead and drop “Chanel” when you best see fit. A couple of my favorites include, “That’s not very Chanel” (when the guy next to me during brunch is wearing flip flops) or “I need more Chanel in this outfit” (when a blazer simply won’t do because I need to add a brooch to lock my outfit down).

Take the liberty to make these words your own, and before you know it, you will find yourself finding more and more reasons to say them after every sentence.

Seriously darlings, you all are the majest!

Christian Baez is an aspiring stylist, born and raised in San Diego. For business inquiries, he can be reached at Christiankid90@gmail.com or via Twitter @mrchristianbaez.