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Whole Foods Market Hillcrest to celebrate remodel

SAN DIEGO -- Whole Foods Market recently completed a remodel of their Hillcrest location, and employees are getting set for a grand celebration. In the business’s 16 years in Uptown, this is by far the largest – and most extensive – remodel.

Marketing Supervisor Ray Kau said the remodel was a big change for the store, and designers strived to keep the integrity of the neighborhood in tact through several elements. Around the inside perimeter, images and artistic renderings of several iconic Uptown images and streets were incorporated.

“We are a unique and diverse neighborhood, and we get such strong support from Hillcrest and the surrounding communities,” Kau said. “We really want to recognize and call that out within the store.”

The design includes graphics that refer to the store’s season and organic produce, as well as images that reflect the neighborhood’s feel. The store is located at 711 University Ave.

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