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Life with Benny: Signs of the times

With so much of our activism done online and through Social Media these days, it's a lot of fun to see the various posters people make when attending marriage equality rallies and other LGBT pride events.

Monday evening's rally held in San Diego - on the eve of the Supreme Court's Prop 8 hearing - had plenty of great handmade signs and posters in support of equality - including one that went viral!

Check out some of my favorites that were spotted in photos after the event:

A member of Delta Lambda Phi Fraternity shares his idea on how marriage equality will fix the nation's economy

 photo jakeyoung4_zps44c43092.jpg
Photo credit: Jake Young

These ladies think everyone should have the right to be miserable

 photo katecory2_zps0650c91a.jpg
Photo credit: Kate Cory

Beyonce agrees

 photo katecory_zps2752c77e.jpg
Photo credit: Kate Cory

A powerful message about the frivolous marriages that are allowed by law while loving same-sex couples are banned

 photo paulsasso2_zps5f142fdf.jpg
Photo credit: Paul Sasso

Kids just need love

 photo rayyarbrough_zpsf7d435cf.jpg
Photo credit: Ray Yarbrough

The boys of Delta Lambda Phi support marriage equality!

 photo jakeyoung3_zpsb6414d86.jpg

So does their advisor, community activist Doug Case

 photo jakeyoung2_zps39f54170.jpg
Photo credit: Jake Young

Well said

 photo Scentvdeanna1_zps8affe15c.jpg
Photo credit: Deanna Rivera/Scene TV

While they didn't have signs, the boys of Mo's Universe were loud and proud in pink

 photo mos_zps21f879b6.jpg
Photo credit: Deanna Rivera/Scene TV

A sea of signs marching through Downtown San Diego, after the rally

 photo paulsasso3_zps01ac0233.jpg
Photo credit: Paul Sasso

My friend and local straight-ally activist Courtney Ware and her (now famous) "Fan Girl For Equality" sign

 photo cournteyware_zpsf21373b0.jpg

A photo of Courtney holding this sign was retweeted by "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy, which led to an additional 1,400 retweets, and over 5,000 reblogs on Tumblr!