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San Diego Democrats for Equality plans to reinvent itself

SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Democrats for Equality have begun a process to "reinvent" the club that has been a fixture in the local LGBT community for nearly 40 years.

Club leaders are working on a detailed process in which they will evaluate, assess, and prioritize the club's strategies and explore alternative governance options for restructuring the organization. Throughout the process, the club hopes to address the following objectives:

1. Examine the role of Dems for Equality in the community;

2. Assess and prioritize the club's programs and initiatives, with an eye for streamlining operations and focusing on high priority initiatives that advance our mission;

3. Create a strategy to recruit a larger and more diverse membership and to better engage members in club activities and leadership opportunities;

4. Consider the adoption of an alternative and more efficient governance model.

The club is utilizing the services of local nonprofit leader Alberto Cortes, who will facilitate the organization's efforts. Cortes will be present at the San Diego Democrats for Equality's next meeting, taking place Thursday, March 28, to facilitate a discussion for club members only who will have the opportunity to express their thoughts about the past, present, and future of the organization.

The San Diego Democrats for Equality work to secure for all gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people the equal human rights guaranteed to all citizens by the Constitution of the United States and to foster the ideals of the Democratic Party and contribute to the Party’s growth and influence.

Founded in 1975 as the San Diego Democratic Club, the club's name was changed to San Diego Democrats for Equality a few years ago to reflect the organization's commitment to the LGBT community.

Doug Case, the club's president, wrote that a key concept of the club's planning for the future is beginning with a blank canvas to create something that represents the membership and community's collective vision.

In an invitation to club members to attend next week's discussion, Case said:

"As we paint our future on that blank canvas, we need for you to envision how you personally fit into the picture. This is not a session to provide ideas for others to implement; instead, it is intended to be a time for each of us to make our own commitments and investments to ensure the club's future success in attaining our mission."

Recently, another local political club - the San Diego Log Cabin Republicans - announced that it was working on refreshing its structure as well, with a "reboot" meeting held last night.

The San Diego Democrats for Equality meet on the fourth Thursday of every month at the Joyce Beers Uptown Community Center on Vermont Street. For more information click HERE.