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Fashionably Out: Fierce women who know style

Darlings, les be honest here. For so long, women have had the pleasure of having more variety in the fashion department than men: from gowns to skirts to glitter to silk to glass slippers.

Unfortunately, some women don’t play with variety. Some women choose to look rather … boring. And that makes some gays mad.

To cure this catastrophe, we will be looking at four women who probably don’t need a gay friend to help them dress.

Tilda Swinton

This British actress gives fashion like no other! Though she may be slender and appear fragile, this woman serves us major glamor on every red carpet and editorial spread.

Swinton likes to incorporate a lot of menswear aesthetics with feminine touches to her looks, advocating to the lesbian community that just because one chooses a blazer over a peplum top does not mean you can’t pair that with a dress and still rock your femininity!

She makes fashion her own world and invites her audience to walk the catwalk with her. Her versatility to rock a Hugo Boss suit and look nothing short but elegant in a white pleated Lanvin dress tells us only one thing: Swinton is here to stay and make an impact!

Break boundaries like her: Select and combine unique pieces that make you feel proud of who you are. This can be anything from pairing military jackets with a skirt, an oversized sweater with jeans and cute pumps, or adding a chunky scarf to your chic outfit. You want to think “high fashion” when going for this look! People will look at you and feel inspired to do the same.

Amber Heard

This American actress and model embodies a sultry temptress look with an innocent energy that is quite captivating to both boys and girls. Usually seen in provocative dresses, this lady goes for that early womanhood stage - where every woman is exploring their sensuality and enjoying it.

Heard’s favorites include fitted dresses that fall above the knee, trendy and well-tailored trench coats, and cute 1950s inspired skirts. She loves gracing us with that old-school Hollywood glamor on the red carpet, adding her modern prints to her choices.

Strike a pose like Amber: It’s all about the hair and the lips for this one! Go big and bold, and let it all flow with attitude and grace. Pick cute, girly pieces like bright skirts and a sheer top, then add some sassiness to your outfit with a wide belt, black leggings or some animal print.

Portia de Rossi

Here’s a gem with an average body who can’t seem to have enough of chic and rock ‘n’ roll looks! Whether she’d be pairing a pair of light washed jeans with a plain white tee, de Rossi adds a cropped tweed blazer to balance the look - while on her way to run a couple of errands.

This celebrity keeps loyalty to her tulle dresses when going out for a special occasion, whether it be in the shape of a Valentino pantsuit or a silky dress.

Though she isn’t much of a fashion-forward role model, her look is soft and on point in regards to style. From combat boots to a ruffled top, this woman does it all!

Be like Portia: Your mind-set should be “hobo chic” and nothing more. Bring back those maxi dresses you’ve been keeping somewhere in your closet and style them with a cute tote bag for a sunny day! Make a statement with printed jeans, but keep your look to a minimum by adding some cute flats and a graphic tee.

Santana Lopez

Though the character of Santana Lopez is only fictional, it’s hard to believe that people like her do not exist out there in real life. With that perfectly tanned skin, this girl brings all the girls to the yard with her sensuality and fashion executions.

Lopez radiates the screen in simple yet sexy outfits accessorized with pieces a lot of people think are out of style, but blend perfectly well once put with the right blouse or dress. Pieces such as fur vests paired with a tank top, or a cute headband to match that blouse. Santana is big on fitted dresses, pencil skirts, and prints like stripes and florals.

Build the attitude like Santana: Think sexy and adventurous! You will want to opt for pieces that show off your good features - whether it be legs, arms, shoulders or even your hips. Go for pieces that accentuate these features and try and pick colors and prints you’ve never tried before, but are only going to complement you and not make you look tacky.

Now what’s left, darlings?

If you’re a girl and found inspiration from this, then congratulations! You are one step closer to being cheered at every time you leave your house from now on. And if you’re that gay best friend, well, your duty is to call your girlfriend and tell her that there is hope.

Christian Baez is an aspiring stylist, born and raised in San Diego. For business inquiries, he can be reached at Christiankid90@gmail.com or via Twitter @mrchristianbaez.

Photo captions

Top left: Tilda Swinton wears a Chanel Fall 2012 trench coat.

Middle left: Amber Heard attends Fashion's Big Night Out in a cute plaid skirt.

Bottom left: Portia de Rossi runs errands in a chic and edgy outfit.