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Meet the man of your dreams: San Diego Gay Men's Chorus to host bachelor auction fundraiser

SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus will host its annual Bachelor Auction fundraiser on Sunday, March 24, to raise money for the programs of the 140-man non-profit singing group.

The event will take place at Flick's, and include drink specials, a raffle and other surprises. Popular local entertainers Ophelia and Erika Odessa will host the show and auction the guys off to the highest bidders. Each auction comes with a dinner package at a local restaurant, immediately following the event.

Fourteen members of the chorus and its staff will be up for bid this Sunday and San Diego Gay & Lesbian News got a preview of the selection. We will post profiles of the men throughout the week and start with Bachelors 1-5 today.

Bachelor #1: Brian
 photo 1-1_zpse7f5ec7b.jpeg

Bachelor #2: BJ
 photo 2-1_zpseb363b72.jpg

Bachelor #3: Kris
 photo 5-1_zps8ffbb2fd.jpg

Bachelor #4: Bradley
 photo 3-1_zps3f24b840.jpg

Bachelor #5: Thomas
 photo 4-1_zps1427da31.jpg

More information about the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus is HERE.

To make a donation, click HERE or contact Ben Cartwright at 877-296-7664 ext. 9 or executivedirector@sdgmc.org.