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Fashionably Out: Fierce men who know style

Boys, allow me to introduce you to a group of guys who should be in your fashion book for inspiration … and lust.

Matt Bomer

It doesn’t hurt that he has piercing blue eyes and a cutting jaw line, but this actor genuinely understands the rules of a sartorial gentleman. Like something pulled out of a GQ magazine, this dapper dons the American preppy look in dark and pinstriped suits, plaid collared shirts and leather jackets.

What’s interesting about his style is it doesn’t come off as “I spent the whole morning coordinating a tie for this shirt so I had to miss brunch and now I feel uncomfortable in something I can’t even move in.” His style choices give a strong appearance through his picks in tailored suits, giving him that timeless and sharp look most professionals look for.

How to bring some Matt Bomer into your style: Think “Wall Street: The Musical.” Pulling a conservative look doesn’t have to be boring. Implement a bright or fun tie to your everyday work suit, pair a plaid dress shirt for “Casual Fridays,” or opt for a monochromatic look by pairing a suit jacket over a simple crew neck shirt for the weekend!

Chris Colfer

Small in stature and body build, this young lad manifests a subtle individuality through his urbanist look. Despite the character he portrays in “Glee,” Colfer and his off-screen personal style separates him far from Kurt Hummel.

Colfer likes to keep his fashion statements effortless and hip. Whether it be a dress shirt with his sleeves rolled up paired with jeans and combat boots, a vest thrown over a tee finished with a light scarf, or a cardigan coordinated with a shirt and tie, this kid takes all the negative connotations from the word hipster.

Be a triple threat like Chris Colfer: having all the basics is essential to pull off this look! Everything from plain dress shirts, ties, scarfs, cardigans, vests and a pair of nice combat boots will put you right under the spotlight! When putting your outfit together, think versatility and adaptability. Mix and match to add two to three layers to your outfit without making you look like a Christmas tree, and something that can easily transcend into nightwear.

Jeremiah Brent

If his name doesn’t ring any wedding bells, shame on you. Former assistant to celebrity stylist and fashion designer Rachel Zoe, this (gorgeous) “Interior Designer” is more than just charming smiles and immaculate hair!

Of average height with a pretty delicious build, this man pleases himself by teasing us with his style executions - whether he knows it or not. Opting for chic and relaxed outfits that only reveal a bit of skin, Jeremiah puts the words homeless and lesbian together (something his mom takes credit for), creating a name for his own personal style! Everything from a preppy striped tee to rugged vintage clothing with holes, Brent does it all!

Try the “homeless lesbian” look like Jeremiah Brent. For this, think introverted artist in a slow-paced and liberal world. Neutral colors and light-fitted layers are your friends. Add an unbuttoned dress shirt on top of your deep crew or V-neck topped with a complementary blazer will get you there! If you’re pairing your new blue jeans with this look, pull them off now. Go for white or acid washed pants instead! Throw your favorite boots on, raise your hair up to Jesus, and out the door you go!

Marc Jacobs

If it weren’t for the major personal style transformation he went through in 2008, this petite hunk wouldn’t be featured here. Now known for his unique style choices, Jacobs man embodies delicate Bohemian aesthetics, giving us a breath of fresh air every time social media releases a new picture of him.

From dressing in kilts on any given day, to using his Birkin as a beach tote bag, to rocking a fur coat under a silk outfit, this man can easily intimidate any fashionista out there!

Embrace your being like Marc Jacobs: If you’re naturally ingenious, tap into your inhibitions and let them show through your style! There is no such thing as boundaries in your vocabulary, so add some whimsical clothes to your life! It can be as simple as leaving your work shirt unbuttoned enough to show some sternum, to carrying a wider tote bag for your personal use! Choose pieces that will leave people wondering what you’ll come up with tomorrow! Make this world your audience where you are the star of the show!

Mickey Boardman

Here’s a man who knows how to sparkle in head-to-toe glamor! His favorites include Lacoste polo shirts, printed and sequin cardigans, colorful and chunky necklaces, and of course, his recently purchased Prada glasses.

What marks Boardman’s entertaining personal style is that nothing he wears clashes - everything makes sense in a 1960s Vegas showgirl way, as he likes to point out. His style is true to himself - giving an aura of wisdom and poise, making us want to be his best friend.

Oh, Mickey (Boardman) is so (sparkly) fine: your favorite color is sparkle and you are not afraid to make an entrance wherever you go! There are certain staple pieces that your friends know you by - your shirts, pants, glasses, accessories, whatever it may be, add more of those to your collection. Dress in a way that will encourage others to explore within their bubble and make them feel fierce!

You’re welcome.

Christian Baez is an aspiring stylist, born and raised in San Diego. For business inquiries, he can be reached at Christiankid90@gmail.com or via Twitter @mrchristianbaez.

Photo captions

Top left: Jeremiah Brent brings the "homeless lesbian" look back, wearing neutral layers.

Middle left: Designer Marc Jacobs looks sharp in a kilt and carries a Hermes bag.

Bottom left: Mickey Boardman dresses down in a Lacoste shirt with a fun, colorful necklace.