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South Bay Pride: It's not just a party

A few months ago, a friend said, “I like to focus myself on other endeavors besides throwing just a party” in response to discussing the work that went into organizing a Pride event.

Although I didn’t receive this well, I let it slide. After all, we all have to choose where to focus our energies. Even so, this statement has stuck with me because Pride is not “just a party.”

One of the primary reasons for Pride is that it shows that the LGBT community is here and will not hide in the shadows. Our voices are the voices of family members, friends, citizens and consumers who will not let the heterosexist and homophobic memes go uncontested. It is a statement of community strength and yes, pride in who we are as opposed to silent capitulation in the face of people who would have us be ashamed and hide that we exist.

It is also sculpting out a time and geographical space where the LGBT community can be open, knowing they are among supporters and like-minded people. Here we are surrounded by our own, and perhaps for many one of the few times they do not feel the outsider.

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