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Fashionably Out: Stylish dates with Christian

What makes a good date, well, a good date? Think about it for a second!

It’s not so much the food or service you receive from your server that makes (or breaks) your chances of going on to a second date with that special someone. Aren’t seeing anyone at the moment? Well, think of a friend or group of friends you hang out with on a normal basis. What do you guys do together? Do you venture out and try new things, or tend to stick to the same things?

Sometimes it’s hard trying to think of new and fun dates, especially when you’re unaware of what’s out there. It’s even harder when you’re invited to a place you’ve never been to and don’t know what to wear. We would all pity the guy who’s out on his first Saturday morning brunch wearing sweats and a sweater. Some would probably be more direct with him, and point and laugh!

Dear readers, we have come across two major dilemmas: How do you know where to take your date (or friends for all you living true to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”) and what do you wear to avoid someone throwing a margarita all over your alma mater’s gym shirt at the local bar?

Look no further! Meet the fun (and free) Android and iPhone app, Details Matter. This interactive app is designed to encourage people to share dating ideas - relevant to you, from others like you! This app is dedicated solely to sharing date ideas before you decide where to go! Details Matter allows users to anonymously share their dates, regardless of their sexual preferences!

Think of it as your open dating experience forum. Didn’t enjoy going out dancing at the new bar because the DJ refused to play Ellie Goulding? Write a quick and sassy review on it to prevent others from having the same experience! Spent hours at a certain tapas restaurant with your friends and can totally see yourself going back with your potential partner? Share it with others!

Now as far as the right outfit for any of these given dates, let your fashion columnist take care of it. Think of it as a personal date with San Diego’s very own Carrie Bradshaw! Wait, did you read that right?! Unless you’re still hung-over from Welfare Wednesday, then yes!

Here’s how you can be part of the fun. Download the app on your phone, look through the different dating ideas people within your community have been raving about, and choose one to go on a date alongside me! Don’t worry about the cost. Details Matter has got that covered!

Be bold: Anything from a speed boat adventure near the harbor, a nice dinner date at the trendiest restaurant in town, to a coffee date at a new café! Don’t see anything you’d enjoy doing? Stop the fussing, let me know of the place, and we’ll make it happen!

On this date we will talk about your personal style, what items work best for you, and the appropriate clothing you should consider wearing next time you visit the same place we did!

Men: Given we’re getting warmer weather, opt for a nice pair of jeans or chinos that don’t feel too heavy on you. Throw your favorite shirt on - something not too bright or with any graphics on it. Trust me, you don’t want to be too loud with your fashion choice! Choose a color that warms your skin tone. Blue, black or olive if you have a darker complexion. Purple, green or a lighter blue if you have a lighter complexion.

Women: Think layers! Try and not expose a lot of cleavage or skin on your first date, unless you’re going to a gala or a rave. Go for something you can move around in without having to worry if a button will pop after a meal. This is your opportunity to showcase your individuality, so don’t stray from that! Avoid prints wider than your index finger, and colors that only wash you out. Whether a cute A-line dress or tights, try and not look too “dolled up,” rather timeless and trendy.

This invitation is open to all genders and sexual preferences, so there is nothing holding you back! It’s a win-win situation for you, so you might as well do it. Well, as long as you live in San Diego, otherwise I would highly suggest downloading the app and exploring what your city is talking about!

You can reach me via Facebook, the comment box below, or my email address at the bottom of this feature! Hurry, since only the first FIVE people will be considered!

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Top left: A simple tee under a Cheetah print fitted jacket is just the right amount of layers for an evening out in the city.

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Christian Baez is an aspiring stylist, born and raised in San Diego. For business inquiries, he can be reached at Christiankid90@gmail.com or via Twitter @mrchristianbaez.