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South Bay Pride celebration to return this year

CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- South Bay Alliance members are setting the wheels in motion for the return of the South Bay Pride Art and Music Festival, set to take place Sept. 14 in Chula Vista, Calif. After the cancelation of last year’s Pride, board chair Dae Elliott said the organization was looking to come back “bigger and better,” with eyes focused on the future.

“The idea is to come out with a much bigger bang,” Elliott said. “The goal this year is to really push hard to make it substantially bigger.”

Founded in 2006, the South Bay Alliance has been organizing events for the LGBT community in Chula Vista to provide a comfortable, social atmosphere where members can meet. Elliott, who served on the initial Alliance executive committee with John Acosta, Marci Bair and Craig Knudson, launched the first South Bay Pride in 2007.

Early 2012, the Alliance first said they were looking to push back the date for that year’s annual event, and then cancelled it all together. Both Elliott and Bair had stepped back from the organization after Pride 2011, in part to focus on work and family.

Ben Orgovan, who now serves as operations manager for San Diego LGBT Pride, stepped into the position of producing 2011 South Bay Pride, but there was not enough time or resources.

"Last year was just one of those that just seemed [like] very time we turned around, someone was going through a catastrophe,” Elliott said. “We were losing … the people that really put in a lot of energy, a lot of focus."

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