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FASHIONABLY OUT: A few of my favorite things

There are a few things that every gay man should never do in his life. Like never text back after a first date to let you know if he wants to see you again, or thinks you’re not worthy of dating ever. Can we get an amen, gays?!

But let’s not get sappy and depressed over those jerks. As the lead character in the Broadway’s musical “Thoroughly Modern Millie” puts it, “Forget about the boy.” And so must one do - and focus on life’s essentials. Better yet, every gay man’s essentials.

Because, let’s face it, nobody likes a gay who lacks in the wardrobe department. Gays are constantly being told “But you’re gay! What do you mean you don’t own [fill in the blank].” This week, we will go over the basic essentials every gay man should have in his life to avoid such confrontations, regardless of whether they’re still in the closet or a leather bear.

There is nothing more tantalizing than a guy with loose, torn and unflattering pair of jeans. We all have that friend who fits this description. Don’t be like them. Please. Jeans should be able to stay around your waist without having to wear a belt with them, but comfortable enough if one chooses to do so. Preferably, invest on a darker shade of jeans that give shape to your bubble or flat butt. Darker shades tend to be more versatile, looking good with a simple tee or dressing up a bit with a blazer.

Another essential every man should own is a plaid shirt. New Jersey’s adorable fashion blogger, Alexander Palmieri, endorses them like Taylor Swift endorses weekly breakups, and his Tumblr and Instagram followers love it! Just like Alexander wears his J.Crew Oxford shirt in the picture, try and go for a smaller pattern. It will complement your body more and give your body shape.

As Alexander puts it, “A plaid shirt is one of those staple pieces that really is so versatile. Being able to either dress it up with a knit tie or down either way you style them, it really adds that pop to any outfit!”

Shoes say a lot about people. You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes: their personality, their financial status and how much attention they want from people. A guy can be wearing a Michael Kors watch and have dirty, overly used shoes on, and it automatically brings him down in points. So make sure you have a nice pair of shoes, darn it! They don’t have to be dress shoes, but a nice pair you can throw on with a sweater and jeans for any occasion!

Jackets are another must-have! Try and go for a well-tailored, fitted jacket. Think of this as your “bad boy” leather jacket or “Euro chic” jacket. Take a look at fashion photographer Shane Fabila, who incorporates one on his everyday look.

“I love this jacket because of the detail along the lapels, giving it a twist that sets it apart without being too loud or overly done. I like that I can pair it with jeans, boots and a tank for a casual look, or with a pair of fitted dress pants, oxfords, and a tie for a formal affair.”

Ultimately, you want color. Color in the shirts you wear, pants you have, or accessories you own. Some people tend to stay in monochromatic outfits because they’re too scared to incorporate color. The key with color is knowing what work best for you, and what to stay away from. Fashion and television celebrity Brad Goreski is a great example of a man who incorporates color into his everyday life.

Once you transition with simple primary colors, you can explore and try color-blocking like Brad Goreski!

So there you have it, boys. There ARE a couple of things more important than that jerk who never texted you back.

Christian Baez is an aspiring stylist, born and raised in San Diego. For business inquiries, he can be reached at Christiankid90@gmail.com or via Twitter @mrchristianbaez.

Photo captions

Top left: Fashion and celebrity stylist Brad Goreski attends a fashion show in Milan in a color-blocking attire.

Middle left: Christian Baez visits Central Park showing off his tangerine Zara chinos.

Bottom left: Fashion photographer Shane Fabila wears an H&M jacket and tank with Steve Madden boots.