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Fabulously Out: Put it on like a man!

If Elle Woods taught us one thing, it was to treat our clothes like our best friends. Just like best friends do, your clothes should bring out the best in you! Unfortunately, many guys out there have been hanging out with the wrong kind.

Take a jacket, for example. A coat, a cardigan, a blazer, whatever’s in your vocabulary -- they are meant to treat you right. And fit you right!

Regardless of where you’re reading this, there is someone around you with one on. Go ahead: Take a look around and put someone under the spotlight. Now ask yourself this: Do they look 15 pounds heavier under that coat, or is the jacket accentuating their shape, making you want to go up to them saying they passed the test?

The key with picking out your next jacket lies in knowing the use for it and acknowledging the current weather your city has. You’d be surprised how tacky one can look hidden under a beautifully tailored Burberry trench coat [ see upper left photo ] on an 85-degree weather day.

Same goes to the guy covered in nothing but a cardigan on a windy New York City day. Chances are his fellow pedestrians are worried more about him catching pneumonia over the fact he’s wearing last season’s colors.

Once you’ve decided the kind of jacket you want, it’s time to go out and hunt that baby down! But where do you start? Or more importantly, what kind of jackets are out there waiting to be discovered?

Trends to consider

If the idea of thinking of your next coat leaves you scratching your head (causing some serious hair mess), then here are some of the latest trends you might want to consider.

Strong shoulders and cinched waists [ see middle left photo ] are making their way in men’s coats, adding a bit more structure and character to men’s fashion. Houses like Burberry and Dior Homme (dude version of Christian Dior), to name a few, have created outerwear with these soft military elements [ see photo above and right ]. Perfect for people in cold weather or going for that “I’m a very busy and important person, little peasant,” these aesthetics will make you feel like Eva Peron’s “rainbow high” -- sans the tragic death it lead her to.

Temperature starting to rise in your neck of the woods? Continue reading before you decide to throw on a tank top and call it a day! Unless you’re hitting the gym or going out for a run and want to show off those arms -- which case I highly endorse -- tanks SHOULD NOT be considered part of your outfit.

If you still want to go for that athletic and casual look[ see photo on bottom left ], you are in luck! Varsity jackets, football jerseys and lightweight double-breasted cardigans are coming out to play this season! These are convenient because most are made out of jersey and cotton, diminishing the extra weight and keeping you warm enough without breaking a sweat. The thing to keep in mind for these is color and contrast. You will be seeing a lot of metallic colors and faux leather incorporated with wool coats out there.

Once the day starts to warm up, you can continue looking chic in your sweater, or take it off. Remember to wear a shirt underneath that still gives the rest of your outfit personality!

You should be able to button your jacket and still be able to breathe, not making you look like you stole it from Justin Bieber’s closet. Most importantly, make sure it accentuates your physical features and gives your body shape! You want people to see where your shoulders end and where your waist is. Comments? Questions? Ask away, gentlemen!

Christian Baez is an aspiring stylist, born and raised in San Diego. For business inquiries, he can be reached at Christiankid90@gmail.com or via Twitter @mrchristianbaez.