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Fashionably Out: Carry on, dear gays!

(Editor's note: San Diego Gay & Lesbian News welcomes a new contributor, Christian Baez, who will be writing a regular column called Fashionably Out that will look at fashion from the LGBT lens.)

We’ve all considered buying a “man purse” at some point or another, whether it be for work, school, the streets, or for the sake of simply owning one.

OK, maybe “man purse” is not the correct terminology, but it gets the visual image across for "man bags."

A weekender bag, a tote, a messenger bag, a purse … they are becoming a “must-have” item for guys, and especially the gays. But what exactly does one put inside a bag? It all depends on the bag.

What is a tote bag?

Take the tote bag, for example. Initially favored by women, the tote is becoming a major hit with gay hipsters and gay twinks. See the photo on the upper left.

Not only are totes a bit more flamboyant, but they also are playful and perfect for a day of errands, coffee-shop hangouts, or a day at the park. Simply throw your current book or latest magazine, a journal and a pen, a wireless tablet, your wallet, a scarf, some sunglasses -- and you’re good to hit the streets!

What is a weekender bag?

Soccer superstar and underwear model David Beckham consistently carries a weekender bag, and knows how to “werk the sh*t” out of it, too! See the middle left photo published at upscalehype.com of "Becks" carrying a Lanvin Sac weekend bag.

The weekender bag is perfect as carry-on when traveling, hitting the gym or packing for a fun White Party weekend in Palm Springs (because let’s face it, you don’t need that much for Palm Springs).

Depending on the size, these bags can fit a full change of clothes to a handful of shirts, pair of pants, shoes and a toiletry bag!

What is a messenger bag?

If neither of the latter bags has caught your fancy, then you may want to consider the messenger bag.

This is the classic “man bag” with a strap to throw around your shoulder and rock the schoolboy look. Messenger bags tell the world that you’re past the backpack era, keeping your look subtle without screaming “I’M GAY!” These bags are meant to carry your laptop, iPad, tablet or any other sort of electronic device that’s bigger than your smart phone but smaller than a desktop computer.

Making the right choice

Ultimately, the bag should speak for you. It should say who you are, reflect your personality and say where you are going.

Take glamorous, British royalty enthusiast (and Editor-in-Chief for Paper Magazine) Mickey Boardman, for example. He likes his Stella McCartney fold-over tote bags, looks totally chic as if Stella designed them specifically for him, and makes straight women with the same bag look ridiculous. See the top left photo of Mickey and his tote bag.

Some things to think about before buying a bag: How often will you use it? How will you use it? What will you use it for? Look at it as an investment rather than an accessory. So carry on, my dear gays.

Christian Baez is an aspiring stylist, born and raised in San Diego. For business inquiries, he can be reached at Christiankid90@gmail.com or via Twitter @mrchristianbaez. His picture is on the bottom left.