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Buyer interest strong in Uptown neighborhoods

SAN DIEGO -- Despite the sluggish economy, the state of residential real estate transactions remains strong in Uptown neighborhoods, and Marla Hovland, vice president and realtor with San Diego-based CityMark Realty, said there are several attributes boding well for the area, including a strong sense of community and support for many historic buildings that dot the landscape.

“There hasn’t been the carnage around here that you’ve seen in other areas of San Diego, such as in parts of Downtown,” Hovland said. “Uptown rebounded pretty quickly, and it’s stayed very strong. We consider this to be a niche market.”

Hovland said Uptown has appeal to a wide range of prospective homebuyers, ranging from younger, first-time buyers to baby boomers who are scaling down their living quarters.

“The younger generation really likes this area for the urban feel,” Hovland said, “but the boomers also like it because they’re right-sizing and looking for something that’s easier to maintain.”

Established more than a decade ago, CityMark officials tout their ability to sell and market residential properties within the city’s urban areas. Their main office is located in Downtown’s East Village.

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