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What would you do if today was your last day on Earth?

SAN DIEGO -- While it is unlikely that today will mark the end of civilization as we know it, Hale Media asked its Social Media followers what they would do if the Mayans really did have it right.

The following question was posed on the Facebook pages of San Diego Gay & Lesbian News, San Diego Pix, The Equality Directory, Hale Media and publisher Johnathan Hale:

If today was your last day on earth, how would you spend your time?

Dozens of readers chimed in to share their thoughts and a selection of the comments, which range from humorous to serious, are below:

Jim Van Matre: With my wonderful boyfriend talking about how great our lives were together for the past 14 years and how we will spend eternity together starting tomorrow.

Tyler-Ryan Allen: Hanging out with my dog on the beach taking it all in like the first time I came to San Diego!!!!

Valeria Villa: Sitting on a picnic blanket at seaport village with my little family, eating ice cream and enjoying the bay.

Daniel Camacho: I would throw an end of the world party. I would block a few hours to make sure that anyone who meant something to me who did not RSVP to the party would get a phone call - to tell them how much they meant to me.

Michael Buckley: I would not spend the day trying to run around and do a million things. I would think about all the great people in my life, call them and tell them I love them. Then I would get outside, walk the dog and smile at anyone I see. Pretty much how everyday should be.

James P. Darvas: With my mom. Quiet day of reflecting on great memories and giving her a little bit more of the time that she deserves.

Jack Richards: I would spend the day making love to my partner and letting him know just how much he is loved!!!

Alex Barrera: I would try to benefit others as much as I can.

Melanio Flaviano: If it was my last day, I would go to the Gaslamp and invite all the homeless to eat with me at Oceanaire Seafood to indulge in the finest last meal on earth.

Sharon E. Snyder: Playing Legos, blowing bubbles, and making stuff with play dough with my 5-year-old twins and my wife.

Robert Berry: With my boo, hand in hand, painting this city pink. Pink glitter. Pink unicorn glitter. Pink unicorn glitter extravaganza eleganza. That is all.

Taylor Kennedy: I would try to make every important person in my life feel special and know how much they are loved. I would bring together all my friends, family, and my boyfriend. We would spend the day and night together laughing and telling stories, cooking, eating, and laughing some more.

Chris Ramirez: Letting all my loved ones know how I felt... spending time with my bf and my family and keeping my nephews and niece smiling since that's the best memory of them I'd wanna keep.

Stellar Anthony: On the fastest train to British Columbia from Wisconsin. Only because I'd stare out the window realizing how beautiful the scenery was ... I'd reflect on my life knowing that I had the most beautiful dream of sitting on a train going over some canyon and seeing a sign that read, BC up ahead. Only to wake up in my warm bed to the sight of a beautiful blizzard outside. Now that I'm awake, that's all I want to do is just stare out a window. And perhaps that's what I'll be doing when the world ends.

Christie Forster: I would use every penny I had to gather my closest friends and family ... Fly or Bus to Washington (closest state with marriage equality) and marry the girl of my dreams, my girlfriend of 3 years ... So we could live happily ever after.

Jeremy Cabarloc: Run Torrey Pines to the pier, swim the cove, do some climbing, watch the sunset, and kick back some beer with my pals.

Jimmy Leclair: The last day one earth is my birthday, so whatever I want to do! None of which will include exercise or work, but will include my friends, Duke (my yorkie) and probably some nakedness along the way! Happy end of the world all! Oh, someone famous wishing me a happy birthday would be fun too!

Armin Geiger: See the musical "The book of Mormon" on Broadway, then get my own planet and escape!

Aida Valdez: I would celebrate like it's Pride and party like Lohan while screaming ITS BRITNEY BITCH!! all up and down Hillcrest ending up at "Church" to sip some wine and eat one last "black bottom" cupcake from Babycakes!

IntegritéSalon SanDiego: Nothing different. Cause if you lived to the fullest you would be doing things like every day was your last.

Sydney Pierre: I would pinnacle each hour with one thing/person that i have come to love over my lifetime! So at the end of the day, my day would have been filled with good!

Marcus Dockter: I’d hit the gym one last time, so those judgmental queens in Heaven don’t shun me at the gate.

Robert Thompson: I'd get my friends to help me unlock the cages at the zoo. Let the bird fly and let the elephants roam more than 6 feet. We are all in this together -- sincerely your environmental chemist.

Jim Winsor: I'd spend the day running from the lions Robert Thompson has unleashed upon me.

Jody Taylor: Making sure I had signed my organ donation card so my heart cold live forever and my eyes could still see tomorrow.

While there were several answers that made the Hale Media staff laugh, smile, and reflect, only one respondent will receive the grand prize: a $50 gift card to Babycakes.

Reader Tiana Caylor will get her wish, because her response has been selected as the winner:

I would take my $50 gift card to Babycakes San Diego ... buy as many mini cupcakes as I could ... and pass them out to random strangers. Cupcakes always make people happy ... especially if it's your last day on earth!!!

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