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Community activist Luis Fitch seeking toy donations for Tijuana children

SAN DIEGO -- Community activist Luis Fitch will be hosting a toy drive this Friday, Nov. 30, to benefit homeless children in Tijuana, Mexico.

Fitch is calling on his friends and other community members to help him collect toys so that these children can have a special Christmas season.

He began to spread the idea through a video he posted on Facebook last week. In the video, Fitch explains why helping children in Tijuana is so important to him.

"I grew up in TJ and have a lot of appreciation to that city," Fitch said. "I'm thankful for everything it gave me."

Fitch said he is most concerned about the high amount of poverty in his hometown and the number of children who live on the streets.

"I want to make Christmas special for these children," Fitch said.

To do so, Fitch has set aside time to collect toys this Friday, Nov. 30, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at Balboa Park. He will park his black Honda Civic at the corner of Laurel and Sixth avenues and hopes people will stop by to drop off toy donations.

Fitch's only request is that the toys be new, not used, and not be toy guns or anything that depicts violence.

Fitch hopes to personally deliver the toys he collects to the children in December.

For more information, contact Fitch via Facebook.