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Doug Case to receive national fraternity/sorority advisor award

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Longtime San Diego State University (SDSU) staffer Doug Case will be recognized this week at the 2012 Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors (AFA) annual meeting.

Case will receive the Robert A. Shaffer Award, one of AFA’s highest honors, for his efforts to make positive change, build partnerships and mentor professionals in fraternity and sorority life.

Also actively involved with the LGBT community on the SDSU campus as well as in the greater San Diego area, Case has done mluch work with the Lambda 10 Project, completing two national research projects, including the first and only national quantitative student to date on gay and bisexual men within college fraternities.

"A Glimpse of the Invisible Membership: A National Survey of Lesbigay Greek Members," published in 1996, showed that the percentage of gay men in fraternities is similar to the percentage of male students on campus who are gay or bisexual (5% to 6% on average) and that they joined a fraternity for similar reasons as heterosexual members. He also discovered that 80% of gay men held a major executive office in their chapters such as President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and New Member Educator.

The tendency toward "over-achievement," Case believes, reflected a need of gay and bisexual male students for self-validation and acceptance from the fraternity. In 2005, Case, Grahaeme Hesp, and Charles Eberly revisited the data from the 1996 article, publishing "An Exploratory Study of the Experiences of Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Fraternity and Sorority Members Revisited."

Shane Windmeyer, executive director of Campus Pride, a national organization that support LGBT students and organizations on college campuses, spoke highly of Case.

“Doug is a tireless professional who has served and volunteered in an unparalleled fashion the field of fraternity and sorority life. He has helped me personally and professionally as well as supported Campus Pride through our Lambda 10 Project for seventeen years now with countless projects. His work has helped many young LGBT people in the fraternal world come out to their brothers and sisters — and most importantly he has helped transform the fraternal experience into one that accepts and respects diversity around LGBT issues. We join with AFA in honoring Doug and his lifetime of service,” Windmeyer said.

In addition to AFA’s Shaffer Award, Case has been recognized in a variety of other ways throughout his career.

After serving as the national president of AFA in 1991, he recieved the AFA Distinguished Service Award in 1993. He also received Perspectives Awards for his 1993 article "Confronting Prejudice: Should Intolerance be Tolerated?" and his 2006 article with Windmeyer, "The Emergence of GLBT Issues in Fraternity & Sorority Life."

Case received the Oracle award for his 2006 article co-authored with Hesp and Eberly. In 2007, he received Delta Lambda Phi’s national Outstanding Service Award. Last year, students in fraternity and sorority life at SDSU created the Doug N. Case Greek Student Advocate of the Year Award in honor of Case.

Following three decades of working as the Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life at San Diego State University, Case currently works as a Testing Coordinator in Student Testing, assessment and Research on campus. He also serves as the Acting Vice President of Legal Affairs of Delta Lambda Phi, as well as the Chapter Advisor to the Alpha Delta Chapter in San Diego.

Case is also the president of the local College Area Community Council and the president of the San Diego Democrats for Equality.