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Living from your authentic-self reflection

In honor of the month, here's a reminder of how living from your authentic-self expresses your universal right to create the life you truly desire

Rufskin fashion show coming to Rich's

Hot guys, hot models and hot clothes. A gay man’s trinity, perhaps. San Diego’s home-grown design firm, Rufskin, will present its annual Spring Fashion Show on March 27, at Rich’s in Hillcrest.

Pop-Op: Weathering the relationship forecast

Now when you've had a room to yourself for as long as I have, you forget how to share your space. You also forget that not everyone shares your fascination with Transformers.

San Diego Pride seeks volunteers

Volunteers can now sign up online to assist in a variety of capacities for this year’s 36th annual Pride celebration, scheduled for July 17 and 18.

Keeping the women’s movement alive

Though we've come a long way since the first Women's Rights convention, we still have an even longer way to go.

What’s in a name?

When I was 8, I gave myself an American name -- tired of not fitting in with my Nigerian name. A year later though, I discovered the history that created my name.

In light of Amber and Chelsea

Recent events in San Diego County force us to examine another part of women’s history: violence against women.

Hate is alive - even where we least expect it

With Palm Springs being home to such a large gay community, I did not expect to be repeatedly called a “faggot” by a car full of tough-looking boys as I innocently walked back to my car.