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In India, Delhi Queer Pride March steps out again

NEW DELHI, India -- In spite of the prying eyes and shocked stares, the LGBT community in the capital came out once again in rainbow colors on Sunday to reinforce their identities. Almost three years after the judiciary decriminalized consensual sex among homosexuals, the community feels a lot more confident. However, a sense of taboo and underlying insecurity still exist, say many at the fifth Delhi Queer Pride March.

The LGBT (lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender) parade, which was flagged off from Barakhamba Road with a giant rainbow flag, attracted people with all types of sexual orientation. The parade, however, saw a dip in the number of participants, with around 200 people - mostly youngsters - turning up this year against a few hundreds last year.

People in colorful costumes flaunting their sexuality marched towards Jantar Mantar. They danced to drum beats and shouted slogans like "Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai; Hetero, Homo bhai bhai," "My mother thinks my girlfriend is a lesbian," "fifty shades of gay" and "Keep your laws off my body."

The parade, with "genders" as its theme, demanded equal legal, social and medical rights for the community. One of the demands is to allow people to record the gender category of their choice in the national census, voter IDs and other documents.

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