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Help name the San Diego Zoo's baby panda

SAN DIEGO -- Everyone is talking about voting these days, including fans of the San Diego Zoo's pandas. The time has arrived for community members to cast their vote for the name of the zoo's male giant panda cub, born on July 29.

There are six "candidates" to choose from, and just like the presidential election coming up in November, participants are allowed to vote only once for their name choice.

The polls for the cub's name opened Oct. 23 and will close at 5 pm on Tuesday, Oct. 30.

The results of the voting will be revealed on Tuesday, Nov. 13, at a public naming ceremony at the San Diego Zoo.

Here are the name candidates for the male giant panda cub at the San Diego Zoo:

Qi Ji - Miracle
奇迹 - Qíjī

Yu Di - Raindrop
雨滴 - Yǔdī

Da Hai - Big Ocean/Big Sea
大海 - Dàhǎi

Xiao Liwu - Little Gift
小礼物 - Xiǎo lǐwù

Yong Er - Brave Son
勇儿 - Yǒng er

Shui Long - Water Dragon
水龙 - Shuǐlóng

To cast your vote, click HERE.