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ADOPT ME! Valentino is an amazing animal!

Valentino's story is not one that is easy to hear, but it needs to be told.

We rescued "Tino" several months ago from a high kill shelter. He had chemical burns all over him in addition to multiple lacerations. He had clearly been through hell and back and was then facing euthanasia on top of it.

Tino had been hospitalized for some time where he was treated for his burns and the pneumonia he had contracted. He is now physically recovered from the atrocities he has faced, but not mentally. He LOVES to play and enjoys most people. He does not like other dogs and for that reason, would need to be in a single dog household. He needs a very special human who will work with him and understand that because of his past, he will need more time to mentally heal. He has responded very well to training in the past, but our rescue could not afford to keep paying for it.
He is currently at Coastal Kennels in Laguna Beach, CA where Tiffany is overseeing his care. Their phone number is: 949-494-0142. If you would like more information, please email: stephanie@theanimalpad.com

Thank you for considering giving Valentino the life he SO deserves!

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