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Rush activities begin this week for Delta Lambda Phi social fraternity

SAN DIEGO -- College fraternities have often been perceived by many as organizations that are not necessarily welcoming to gay men. While that is not always the case, one fraternity exists to specifically welcome gay, bisexual and progressive men -- Delta Lambda Phi (DLP).

Men who are currently enrolled as students at one of San Diego's colleges or universities are encouraged to participate in rush week activities for DLP's Alpha Delta chapter, which are taking place over the next couple of weeks. This year's rush activities include a combination of social events, educational programs and team building exercises so that the organization's leaders can get to know the crop of potential new brothers.

DLP was formed in 1987 after three elderly gentlemen in Washington, D.C. established a trust fund a year earlier to establish a social fraternity that would not discriminate based on sexual orientation. According to DLP, the donors regretted that such an organization did not exist during their formative years.

The organization was founded on three principles:

- To provide dignified and purposeful, social, service and recreational activities for progressive men, irrespective of sexual orientation;

- To lead in determining the rights and privileges of individuals in society; and

- To promote a strong and positive image, which respects the diversity of all individuals, irrespective of sexual orientation.

The Alpha Delta Chapter of the organization was formed at San Diego State University (SDSU) in 1992 and was open only to students of that school for its first several years. In 1999, the chapter became a multi-campus chapter, accepting students from all colleges and universities in the San Diego area.

Current and alumni members are from SDSU, University of California San Diego (UCSD), University of San Diego (USD), Southwestern College, Mesa College, San Diego City College, Grossmont College and the Art Institute of California San Diego. Membership is open to all college and university students regardless of sexual orientation.

This year's rush activities, which have a super hero theme, include:

- Sept. 19: Exercise-a-Thon at Balboa Park, 6 pm

- Sept. 21: Dessert 4 Champs at Fiji Yogurt, 6 pm

- Sept. 22: Embracing Your Inner Hero at Black’s Beach, 12 noon

- Sept. 24: Smart Heroes at Filter Hillcrest, 5 pm

- Sept. 26: Heroes’ Movie Night (location TBD), 7 pm

- Sept. 28: Calling On Batman, La Jolla Shores, 7 pm

- Sept. 30: Heroes Give A Hand, AIDS Walk San Diego at Balboa Park, 8 am

- Oct. 1: Last Round Training, Balboa Park, 5 pm

- Oct. 3: Even Smarter Heroes, Info Night SDSU & UCSD, 5 pm

- Oct. 4: Heroes VS Villains Laser Tag, UltraZone, 7 pm

- Oct. 5: Justice Panel, Interviews at SDSU, Lipinski Suite, 7 pm

- Oct. 7: Secret Meeting - Invite Only

For more information about DLP's Fall 2012 Rush activities, contact Andersen Yu at alphadelta.chapter@dlp.org or call/text 626-428-8969.

More information is available online and on Facebook.