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Volunteers needed to rate the walkability of their neighborhoods

SAN DIEGO -- WalkSanDiego is developing a "Regional Walk Scorecard" to rate walkability in 18 cities in the county, as well as the individual neighborhoods within the City of San Diego.

Hundreds of volunteers are needed to participate in the fieldwork portion of the project, which will rely on participants to provide data describing what it's like to walk in their neighborhood, using a new smart phone application called WALK APP.

Data collection dates have been set for Sept. 15-16, and volunteers will rate their neighborhoods for a minimum of 30 minutes up to several hours, as they desire. Those who do not have a smart phone and wish to participate can use a manual data entry form.

The data collected from volunteers will be used to create a map of projects for future funding.

WalkSanDiego. is a regional, grassroots organization formed in 1998 and dedicated to
making our neighborhoods more walkable. Through educational events, training, advocacy and work with local governments, WalkSanDiego is working to reclaim our streets and blocks through improved streetscape designs, accessible walking paths and traffic-calming measures.

“The walk phone app project is a big deal for us and has generated interest among residents, health professionals, and government officials around the region because of the importance of walking to health and neighborhood quality of life,” said Jim Stone, executive director of WalkSanDiego.

To volunteer or for more information, contact Robert Felix at rfelix@walksandiego.org.