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Democrats for Equality to mark Women’s Equality Day on Thursday

SAN DIEGO -- San Diego Democrats for Equality will celebrate Women’s Equality Day at its meeting at 6:30 pm Thursday, Aug. 23, at Joyce Beers Community Center, 3900 Vermont Ave. in Hillcrest.

Dr. Sue Gonda and Carla Kirkwood will make a presentation about the special day.

Gonda has presented widely on American women's history topics ranging from women's fashion and health-- to the crime "seduction" in early America-- to women's roles in U.S. wars and more.

Kirkwood, a San Diego native, is a co-founder of this country's first Women's Studies Program at San Diego State University in 1970, and served on the Women's Studies Board for over four years.

Also at the meeting, club member Brian Polejes will discuss California’s Prop 32 on the November ballot. Prop 32 is called "Stop Special Interest Money" by proponents and the "Special Exemptions Act" by opponents, which include the California Democratic Party, Common Cause, and the League of Women Voters.

At the meeting, the club will also be making its final endorsements for the 2012 General Election and deciding its priority races.

For more information, click HERE to read the club’s online blog.