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"Glee" star's lesbian partner involved in custody battle with ex-husband

The lesbian partner of "Glee" star Dot Marie Jones ("Coach Shannon") is fighting her ex-husband for custody of their two children.

The girlfriend, Bridgett Casteen, told Radar Online that she wants to raise her children with Jones. Currently the children live in Georgia with their father, Jack Parham.

In an exclusive interview with Radar, Casteen says:

"I sued my ex-husband for custody so that I can have my children in California with me and Dot. We had a verbal agreement where I was providing food and clothes for them. It wasn't until we went to court earlier this month that we were told by a judge that the verbal agreement didn't have legal standing, and that I owed $28,000. I immediately paid $10,000 of that amount."

The website also spoke to Casteen's grandmother Mabel White:

“The girls live with their father in Georgia and Bridgett comes to see them every month and has them for holidays. She wants the girls to go live with her so hopefully they can next year. She’s found a job now so she wants to pay off her bills which she couldn’t before. Dot has come here to visit me and she’s very nice and supportive. She’s a great lady."

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