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Interfaith Council of North County launched

Being an LGBT person of faith in some geographical areas can be very difficult. Only a few years ago, finding a supportive LGBT church or congregation in North County would have cost you some research time. Today, a diverse range of interfaith communities are stepping up to make sure their messages can be heard everywhere.

Despite being born and raised a couple of miles away from Vatican City, my personal experience with organized religion is pretty much equal to my relation with some politicians: I listen to them and I can respect them, but we are not going to build a family together. Atheist, agnostic or simply open to the idea of other possibilities, I don’t feel a relation to something that I really don’t know much about.

However, what I know is how important religion is for many of my fellow LGBT citizens because I see everyday how the denial of their sexual orientation or gender identity by their own faith can be very devastating, if not tragically deadly. For many years in North County, religion could have ruined your existence if you were LGBT, but now it can save your life.

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