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A tale of two swimming holes

How does one cool off on a hot summer day in San Diego? Perhaps the most obvious answer is to head for the western edge of the county. You know, the part with the ocean.

But maybe you have a couple of little kids who aren’t 100 percent crazy about kelp and crashing waves. And maybe you’re not 100 percent stoked about the prospect of finding a parking spot near the beach, schlepping 300 pounds of provisions and eventually spending hours cleaning sand out of said provisions, your minivan and your children.

What you need is a pool.

If you don’t feel like digging one in your own back yard, the best way to satisfy this need is to have friends with pools. I have a couple of these, but they selfishly insist on living in parts of town that take me upwards of twenty minutes to drive to.

Thankfully, there are at least two excellent cement ponds right here in the Uptown area that satisfy my family’s swimming needs when we don’t have time to go caravanning all over the county.

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