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Health tip: Sculptra is a solution for facial fat loss

People struggling with facial fat loss simply want a solution that works and lasts.

Nearly a decade ago, Sculptra became the first FDA approved option for recreating volume loss due to immune deficiency and five years later gained cosmetic approval. It is still one of only two major injectables that provide consistent and satisfying results for global facial volume loss.

Sculptra works by turning on the body’s collagen factory through the diffuse injection of poly-l-lactic-acid – PLLA. PLLA is the same material used in dissolvable sutures so does not cause allergic response. A series of injections over the course of a few months creates new collagen-based volume to fill hollowed cheeks, temples and the central face.

Sculptra is frequently the injectable of choice for those who have sensitivities to bovine collagen (the carrier in Artefill). Those with no bovine allergies can use either or both products to achieve the most precise volume and balance.

Sculptra lasts for two years or longer and can be supplemented as required. The changes with Sculptra appear over time and are more gradual than the immediate changes seen with Artefill.

Dr. Nasrin Mani is a Regional Sculptra Trainer with unparalleled clinical experience treating facial volume loss. Learn more about Dr. Mani and her services at La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic HERE.