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WMSE Concierge makes your life easier, one errand at a time

There are few of us who wouldn’t enjoy more time -- time to relax, time to spend with our loves ones, or time to just get away and escape for a few hours. Unfortunately, there are so many pesky things that seem to get in the way of that. Like the job, for example. And perhaps more annoyingly -- all those little tasks and errands that eat up our time when we’re not chained to an office.

The good news is that help is available, and if you can relate to any of the aforementioned, a call to WMSE Concierge may be something to consider.

“What is a personal concierge?” you ask. A personal concierge is, well, just what you might assume. It is a when-you-need-it personal assistant that can be hired to help for a few hours, several days, or for an ongoing period.

Lisa Wells, WMSE Concierge owner, said when she first sits down with a potential client she begins by asking about the things that cause them the most discomfort, or what parts of their lives they’d most like to organize.

“They may not know initially, or they may think it's something else, but points of concern come out during the course of the conversation,” she said. “It just requires listening, not just with the head, but also the heart, with empathy and compassion.”

For some, this may include things such as trips to the grocery store, the post office or even the need to purchase a gift for a birthday or graduation. For others, it may mean having help with their pets, assistance with programs such as QuickBooks, or having their cars maintained.

“My team has a bigger umbrella, and a wider skill set than the average Craigslist-hired personal assistant. We have real-life experience and business experience as well,” she said. “I have helped with things ranging from feeding someone’s cat while they were out of town to managing someone’s business for a month while they were out of town, which involved overseeing employees, payroll and managing clients.”

An added bonus of working with WMSE Concierge is you can rest assured the person helping you has been diligently screened. You also have the added safety of working with a company that is fully insured.

“Many people find this is a safer way to handle some of their in-home tasks or personal errands,” Wells said. “You don’t need to worry about who you’re having come into your home or office. And the beauty of a concierge is you also don’t need to worry about hiring them as an employee. You can have help for a couple hours, a few weeks, or on an ongoing retainer.”

“This is great,” you may be thinking. “But it must be expensive!” That’s not actually the case. WMSE Concierge’s price point is a lot friendlier than you might expect.

“We actually come in at the mid-lower mid-range compared to other personal concierge services,” Wells said. “We’re very reasonable. I believe that most people can use a second set of hands at times and if I am priced such that only celebrities can afford me, I would feel as if I were doing a disservice to all those hardworking entrepreneurs and professionals.”

At the end of the day it really is all about time. Getting organized, having help with errands or even having someone help with walking your dog can allow you more time to enjoy life. Not only can WMSE Concierge assist with the little things, they specialize in making the impossible a reality.

(For more information on the services offered and to learn how WMSE Concierge can make your life easier, call 877-640-0116 or visit HERE.)