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#BeingLOVEDIs : What does being loved mean to you?

As a therapist, I am always working with relationships.

In fact, my daily work is surrounded around the topics of love and community.

As such, I've come to realize that humans are like pack animals, using community for support and comfort.

We are hardwired to be connected and attached to others (including our pets!).

Love comes in many different sizes, shapes and forms.

The expression of love may come through gift giving, words of affirmation, physical touch, text messages, and more.

Being loved can be having your day end with your dog greeting you at the door, receiving a text message from a friend, or getting an embrace from your partner.

What is being loved to you? I want to know.

A social movement is born

"#BeingLOVEDIs" is now a social movement I created and I want you to join me.

It all started with the idea of growing my social media appearance.

Working with my social media guru, we put our minds together and came up with #BeingLOVEDIs as a campaign to do just that, but the idea grew into something much larger and more special for me.

In fact, it got me genuinely excited to hear how others feel and to have them share with the world what being loved is all about.

Since San Diego Pride was just around the corner, I created a few chalkboards, t-shirts, and temporary tattoos with the "#BeingLOVEDIs" phrase on them and set out on foot.

My mission? To immerse myself into our community, find out what being loved means to you and document each result with a camera.

All weekend long, I ran into longtime friends and met fascinating people, all who shared and documented their personal feelings with me about what #BeingLOVEDIs.

The comments that people shared were about security and reassurance in many forms. Being loved was the act of a hug, mom calling, or simply being accepted.

I have decided to share the photos with you here, on SDGLN, with the hopes this may inspire you to come up with your own #BeingLOVEDIs phrases and share them, too.

In the coming months, I will continue to search out what #BeingLOVEDIs to others in our community, and I will also continue to share them here.

Even if I did not see you Pride weekend, you can join in the movement, too.

Post your own photos on Instagram or on Twitter with the hashtag "#BeingLOVEDIs” and don't forget to tag me in it! My Twitter account is: @estes_therapy or tag me on Instagram using @estestherapy.

Here are a few of my favorite photos I took during San Diego Pride weekend 2012! Check back soon for more and make sure you share yours, too!